House rules

General house rules

General House Rules
We might not be as big a fan of rules as some might be, but they are needed to ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests including you.
The following rules will be applied to all guests during their stay at the Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge:

  • We reserve the right of admission.
  • 50% deposit on booking, and final payment done before check-in .
  • No food, drink or smoking in bed rooms, bathrooms.
  • Lounge, dining, reading room and kitchen are a communal space. Please keep it clean.
  • No illegal substances are permitted on the premises.
  • We do have House pets at Nomads therefore no other animals of any kind are allowed.
  • Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge is at Shiloh Private Estate and all rules always apply.

Full House Rules & Terms and Conditions:

  1. Vehicles allowed / not allowed
    Motor Cars, minibuses (17 max),safari Vehicles (12 Max) Motorbike not allowed Trucks, busses any other vehicle without written approval for the management this is including drones.
  2. Accommodation
    Accommodation is granted subject to and upon acceptance of all terms and conditions and house rules .
  3. Compliance
    All guests must comply with any notice or warning issued verbally or posted in any area of the hostel. Failure to comply may result in immediate eviction without refund. Serious breaches will be dealt with by police.
  4. Use of terms
    These terms are to be used in conjunction with and not in place of any relevant laws relating to fair trading.
  5. Guest’s & Right of Admission
    Management has full discretion to decide who to accommodate. Management reserves the right to refuse entry.
  6. Payment
    Accommodation must be paid strictly in advance. Accommodation can only be guaranteed for the number of days already paid in advance. During peak season and other busy times it is essential that you plan for and pay for your booking well in advance. Confirmation of a reservation is not binding unless in writing (e.g. by email). Fully paid guests and new bookings will get preference over an existing guest who has not paid in advance.
  7. Cost of Accommodation
    Cost of accommodation may vary at the discretion of management Standard rates posted on the website apply. However staff and management may vary prices at any time without notice or in consequence of special agreements / deals struck with any person.
  8. Discounts
    Discounts may be offered by staff or management for any reason deemed fit at that time of booking. Discounts are strictly confidential and can only be re-negotiated with management directly or with the same staff member who originally made the booking. Guests must not disclose their discount to any other guest. Any person who breaches confidentiality shall forfeit their discount and all breaching parties shall revert to paying the standard rate.
  9. Refunds / Cancellations
    All reservations made will be cancelled within 48 hours u

    All bookings require a deposit of 50% in order to confirm a booking. Short notice / Contractor bookings (any booking made for 1 to 10 (or more for contractors), guests within 7 days and up to 2 days prior arrival),

    • Any booking that is cancelled will incur a 10% Admin fee.

    • After arrival Guests checking out prior to the departure date are charged the full amount of the original booking, no refund.

    • Guests that do not arrive will automatically forfeit full amount deposited. If a valid reason is sent in writing via email then and only then will a refund be discussed.

      A 25 % cancellation fee on the deposit amount payable will be levied if cancellation occurs 22 to 29 days prior to arrival
      A 50% cancellation fee on the deposit amount payable will be levied if cancellation occurs 15 to 21 days prior to arrival
      A 100% cancellation fee on the deposit amount payable will be levied if cancellation occurs 7 to 14 days prior to arrival
      A 100% cancellation fee on the full amount payable will be levied if cancellation occurs 1 to 7 days prior to arrival
      A 100% cancellation fee on the full amount payable will be levied for a no-show

      unless a proof of payment for the deposit is received.

  10. Deposits
    All bookings require a 50% deposit in order to confirm the booking requested.
    Small Group Bookings and Contractor bookings will be required to pay a 50% deposit prior arrival and the balance to be paid in full 3 days check-in.

  11. Smoking Policy
    No smoking is permitted in rooms or any common areas.
    No flammable liquids or explosive materials permitted anywhere in this building.
    Smoking areas are available in various areas around the backpackers and are clearly visible where ashtrays may be found. Burning of cigarettes / candles / incense in the rooms is not permitted.
    Cooking is not permitted in any area other than common kitchen and (Braai Barbecue) only in front of the Living room kitchen, Kitchen is available for cooking between 7.00 am and 21.00 pm only and is required to be cleaned afterwards.

  12. Illegal Drugs & Activities
    Illegal drugs are not permitted on the premises.
    Possession or usage of drugs can lead to police reporting and arrest which could lead to imprisonment and prosecution and possible deportation.

  13. Alcohol
    Guests must act in a responsible and considerate manner at all times. Disruptive & obnoxious drunken behavior will result in immediate eviction and police may be called.
    Please consider your fellow travelers. We do take the rest of our traveling guests rather seriously and guests found disrupting the peace after 10:00 may be asked to leave without any refund.

  14. Loss
    Management takes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss suffered by any guest / visitor / invitee. We will not be responsible for any theft whatsoever.

  15. Damage
    In the event any invitee on the premises (any guest or their visitor (s)) causes damage to any area, fixture, fitting or furniture in the Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge the cost of repair or replacement will be met by that person and added to your checkout bill.

  16. No animals or pets
    We have resident Pets on the premises and any other animal of any kind are not allowed anywhere within the Shiloh Estate at any time (game reserve rules as mentioned on the web site).

  17. Paying guests
    Are permitted visitors of guests are not permitted in Rooms . Non-paying visitors are not allowed to stay later than 20:00., Visitors of guests found wondering around may be asked to leave from the Shiloh estate.

  18. Cleaning
    Room is cleaned every day Linen is changed on departure or every third day.

  19. Check-out by 10.00 am

  20. Early check-out Before 6.00am perhaps? Leave the keys on the door

  21. Check-in 14.00 pm

  22. Reception hours we are available 24/7/365, every day,

  23. Kitchen & Cooking
    Guests are required to wash – wipe and put away all dishes immediately after use.,do not leave them on drip trays.
    No cooking allowed between and Tea and coffee available between 21.00 pm and 7.00 am.

  24. Dress code
    Not all guests appreciate blatant nakedness, Guests are not permitted to walk around Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge in any state of undress (Be mindful of other cultures).

  25. Behavior
    Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in our communal environment which includes threatening or demeaning any person or staff member.
    Damage to any property, graffiti, theft of any property, physical or sexual harassment, loud and rowdy noise no noise after 22.00 Hrs this can result in police intervention and eviction.

  26. Other
    fees and charges for not washing and cleaning up in the kitchen – R150.00
    We have towels available for use., loss of towel incurs R150.00 fee, please do not use the hand towels in the bathrooms for showering or bathing.
    Any other hired item damaged lost or stolen due to recklessness will attract a larger charge.

  27. Acceptable
    Internet Usage Internet is provided for via Wi-Fi networks, Internet usage is monitored and filtered to ensure a better internet experience for all.
    Please refrain from sitting on You tube and Streaming Channels all day. Downloads & Software Updates are not allowed. Pornographic content is also not allowed.

  28. Park rules and regulations
    hat I/we are entering an area under the jurisdiction of Shiloh Coffee and Live Style estate / Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge where you could be subject to man-made or natural elements and where dangerous animals could be a risk. We understand and appreciate fully that there are risks involved. Shiloh Coffee and Live Style estate / Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge , its Board, directors, employees, residents and agents are not liable for any loss or damage: ∙ to the property or possession of any guest (or accompanying minor) even if such damage is caused by the negligent act or omission of Shiloh Coffee and Live Style estate / Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge; ∙ arising from death or any bodily injuries of whatsoever nature sustained by a guest (or accompanying minor) whether such injuries are caused by the negligent act or omission by , Shiloh Coffee and Live Style estate / Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge and/or by the defective functioning of any apparatus. The guest hereby indemnifies Shiloh Coffee and Live Style estate / Hazyview Buffalo Game Lodge against any claim, action, judgment, costs and/or expenses which may be made against Shiloh Coffee and Live Style estate and as may in any way be related to the above. Shiloh Coffee and Live Style estate reserves the right to conduct random search of any incoming and departing vehicle within the boundaries of Park being at any given time.


We do not accept any responsibility for any death, injury Or illness sustained by any person, or theft, loss or Damage to any property or Shiloh Estate occurring within or arising from Visiting these premises, howsoever caused, whether Allegedly due to our negligence or not our responsibility